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MAY 12, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Monthly PTO meeting. Everyone is invited!

School Picture time!

April Thursday 24th

10am to 1 pm Class pictures, Yearbook pictures,  and KFS all students picture

Friday 25th(Inside classroom pictures) - From 2 pm to whenever 

School Visit - University of Utah Asia Campus

When: April 25, 2014 during activity period. MPR

Parents are invited to attend. Visit starts promptly @ 2:35 pm

AP TEST Dates and Times!

Please note that these dates and times are set by College Board, not by KFS. We are not allowed to change the dates or times!


Monday, May 5 @ 12:00

English Lang And Comp   May 9 @ 8:00

Calculus May 7 @ 8:00

Please make sure your students are on time. They will not be allowed to take the test if they are late (AP TEST Policy) !

FIELD TRIP - Grades 9-12

April 17-19  This is an overnight trip. Please contact Mr. Lewis if you have any questions!

May 15 - Middle School Day trip to Mokpo - Contact any middle school teacher for more information.


Please make sure you get to school on time.

Prek/K class takes time to experiment with magnets!

Great work everyone! Science is fun!!




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Available courses

This is a Technology focused class and resource for the faculty of KFS.  Mr. King will host an in house networking event focusing on Ed Tech.  A lot of us resist technology or avoid it because of the amount of time it takes us to figure out to to implement the technology in our classrooms.  I am sure that most of us have realized though that we either learn how to integrate Educational Technology or we get out of the way for teachers who are willing to do so.  

It sounds bleak to say that we need to adopt or die in the classroom, but it is going to become a fact in our industry.  A lot of people look at it as a disadvantage that we are, for the most part older, and are not from the the generation of DIGITAL NATIVES.  I totally disagree with this.  I think we are the ones with the advantage!  Educational Technology is not about technology for technology's sake.  It is still about education!  It is about how we can streamline processes, engage students, and make exciting lessons.  We can understand that.  We are not using technology just because it is what we grew up with.  We are digital immigrants, so we look at the technology and evaluate its value, its appropriateness.  We digital immigrants are looking to ensure that our delivery is rigorous, targeted, precise, etc.

This will be a seminar that continues from year to year, and will aim to address new technologies and concerns that teachers might have about using technology.  Questions are expected as is curriculum input.  We are not looking to bore you with a weekly lecture.  I want to make this interesting and topical.  This Moodle page and associated Google Groups and documents will be available for all, and obviously attendance is not required or expected, though it is appreciated.  Come when you are interested, or don't come at all.  I hope this will turn out to be a valuable resource.

This semester the class continues work in the lower registers of soprano, alto and tenor recorders by adding the chormatic fingerings commonly used in recorder scores. They will also expand their knowledge and technical abilities in the upper ranges of their instruments.

The spring program entitled, Update: Earth includes seven selections and the clas will begin working to accomplish the first four selections this quarter.  The students are responsible for the lyrics, the melodies, and the choeorgraphy in each selection assigned to their class.

This course will introduce students to computer science.  The course will focus on the programming aspects of Computer Science.  The students will learn how to think like a programmer and do a little bit of coding as well.

During the first semester, the second grade 1) sang, 2) did circle games, 3) danced, 4) began reading music, 5) worked at the whiteboard, 6) played instruments, 7) played the class keyboard, 8) performed in the winter program.

This semester, the class wants to enjoy their favorites in the categories above and are looking forward to learning the music for the spring program in May.

The music to be studied, practiced and performed this semester features a variety of styles and technical requirements.  

In addition to performing at our school, the orchestra will participate in the SKAC Arts Festival on Friday, May 23 at Global Prodigy Academy.

Biology is a one year course that provides students with the opportunity to research and investigate the natural world around them. Students study the structures and functions common to all life forms and then learn of the many features that make individual organisms so different from each other and other types of life. Topics include historical studies and discoveries, tools of the trade, cell structure and processes, molecular basis of heredity and DNA, biological history/origin of life, evolutionary relationships between organisms determined from morphology and phylogenetic comparisons, advanced ecological topics such as water, carbon and nitrogen cycles, and behavior of organisms. Modern technological innovations such as genetic engineering and medical advances are also presented. The skills of identification of details, classification, diagramming and comparative study are stressed.

This is a one year course that explores the foundations of Earth Science in the following related topics: Earth’s place in the universe, dynamic Earth processes, Energy in the Earth system, biochemical cycles, structure and composition of the atmosphere, and geology. Students will have the opportunity for self assessment as well as for teacher guidance and assessment throughout the course including the preparation and finalization of Problem Solving Projects, which focus on research, organization, and drafting strategies. The course covers scientific terminology, historical and cultural advances in science, vocabulary building, test taking strategies, and several simulated labs, hands-on labs, the essay, workplace documents, and science projects using the scientific method.

Chemistry is a one year course which will provide a firm foundation in chemical concepts and principles. Students will be instilled with an appreciation of the vital role chemistry plays in our lives. Topics will include, but are not limited to: the nature of chemistry as a science, atomic structure, electron configuration, the periodic table of elements, chemical formulas and bonding, chemical reactions and equations, states of matter, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, and chemical thermodynamics. Students will be engaged through lectures, projects, independent research, laboratory activities, and lab reports.

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