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Robert Holley

I hope that you take the time to look over our pages and discover what our school is all about.

Kwangju Foreign School has over 100 students from many different nations throughout the world. We have a great curriculum and strong international faculty ensuring that our academic program rigorously prepares students for what lies ahead. The great majority of our graduates go on to study at well-known universities abroad.

Take time out and peruse the photos and information contained on our website. I am sure that you will be intrigued and excited at the prospect of coming to Kwangju Foreign School. The school’s campus is located in the Cheomdan district of Gwangju, Korea, a city of 1.6 million people. Our students are bright and eager to learn, and our faculty members are dedicated to our school and their profession. We consistently are seeking out new ways to improve our programs and our facilities and will continue to grow through the future.

If you continue to have questions about our school, its program, staff, or curriculum, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you as you prepare for your future.


Robert Holley Founder and Head of School Kwangju Foreign School